If you want to do more push ups then you should be doing push ups everyday which seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people don’t really understand the concept. I think most people assume they will over train and get weaker and lose there muscles, but the trick here is completing as many reps in a day as you can while staying as fresh as possible.

I first came across this technique while reading a book called ” the naked warrior ” which talks about mastering your body weight and he referred to it as ” greasing the groove “.

Strength is very much learned just like any other skill, so you need to train your body to become good at certain movements such as push ups and to do this you must do them nearly everyday. Pavel Tsatsouline also known as the ” Evil Russian ” shows you exactly how to set this method up in his book and talks about how he trained his father in law to do 20 pull ups which is no easy feat.

He had his father in law setup a pull up bar in his basement and he told him every time he goes down there for something he must perform five pull ups. He did not want him to go until his muscles failed, but enough that he could get in some fairly easy reps and then be on his way.

Averaging around 25 – 100 pull ups a day without ever going to failure allowed him to work his way up to 20 straight pull ups in a short amount of time. And this is why you should be doing push ups everyday if you want to increase your reps fast and it doesn’t matter where you start out you will gradually get better and better.

I decided to add this greasing the groove pull up video to go along with the story. The exact same principles work with push ups.


This post is going to help you get proper push up technique so you don’t injure yourself or train yourself to do them the wrong way to start. I’m sure most of you reading this already know how important technique is when working out, but it’s often hard to be sure without some clear instructions from a trainer or in this case some great instructional videos.

Push Up Technique:

The above is just a couple good videos on how your technique should be if your doing push ups everyday because sloppy technique will not help you increase your repetitions. If you stay consistent with your technique and workouts one day soon you will be able to some serious push ups.


Push Ups Everyday Is Coming…

September 5, 2011

Hey everyone, This is my brand new site on doing push ups everyday and I already do this to train my body to do more reps in a row. I use a certain technique called ” greasing the groove ” and do many sets of push ups through the day without burning out my muscles [...]

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